Listen and deliberate

We develop new ways to partner with the public to understand their priorities and to develop policy solutions, using blended models of deliberation, consultation and participatory tech. We are experts in listening. 

Our approach to public participation facilitates a constructive dialogue between decision makers and the public audiences they serve. This dialogue is grounded in qualitative and ethnographic data to ensure our starting point is always the reality of people’s daily lives, the challenges they face and the values they live by. We are skilled listeners, applying what we learn to cast old problems in new light.

We work with experts, stakeholders and frontline professionals to find new ways to engage and communicate with the public on the thorny social challenges we face. We are specialists at turning complex technical information into public facing materials that enable them to grapple with the big issues. We know how to ask the right questions that will open the conversation up.

Whatever your challenge – be it hyper-local or national, an emerging issue or something that has for too long been sitting in the ‘too difficult’ box – we have the expertise to design a public engagement exercise that will open up a new perspective. Our methodological toolbox spans both digital and in-person deliberation, immersive qual and cutting edge participatory tech. We reach into communities to go beyond the ‘usual suspects’ and make sure we hear from underrepresented groups.  

Our deliberative citizen engagement brings lived experience into strategic thinking. It generates powerful citizen-led principles and stress tests policy. It builds legitimacy and creates buy-in where plans require trade-offs or difficult decisions. 

We help policymakers and politicians be bold and ambitious in driving through change.

If you’re interested in partnering with the public on a challenge you’re facing or an issue you are trying to understand, get in touch.

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