The Good Web Network

The Good Web Network is a community spanning government, industry and civil society, collaborating to build a better internet. 

Together, our network will better understand how we can build an internet that strengthens, rather than threatens, our democracy and our digital rights.

We bring together the leading thinkers in the field who understand the risks and opportunities that exist on the internet. We work with the experts who understand how internet technologies work, and how they can be redesigned for democratic good. We collaborate with the policy makers who navigate through an increasingly complex global order. We put the voices of the end user at the heart of that process, engaging the full spectrum of civil society.

The Network convenes monthly events to identify the most thorny tech policy issues – as well as the solutions. This is a conversation with a common mission: to build a better internet. We would love you to join the Network, and help set the agenda.

Join us as a partner of the Network by contacting Elizabeth Seger, Director of CASM at Demos.