Work with us

Demos has a rich tradition of partnering with foundations, charities, local and national government as well as corporations and businesses spanning a wide range of sectors on research and policy projects. We look for partners with strong strategic alignment with the issues at the heart of Demos’s purpose and charitable mission. 

These are three ways you can work with Demos: 

  • Collaborate on projects 

We collaborate with foundations, charities, government and businesses to conduct research and develop policy solutions. Our work is rigorous, original and impactful. Collaborate with us

  • Partner on events  

We run events and build networks that bring together policy-makers, business and civil society to co-create ideas for a better future. We run a programme of events at the major party conferences and host regularly at our Whitehall offices and beyond. Partner with us

  • Listen and deliberate 

We develop new ways to engage people in developing policy solutions and priorities, using blended models of deliberation, consultation and participatory tech. Listen and deliberate with us

Demos retains all editorial independence in the work it conducts.