The Climate Consensus: The public’s views on how to cut emissions


At a decisive point for climate action, this major new report presents a viable path to meeting the UK’s 2030 target, with the UK public united in support of a climate policy package that could barely impact on weekly costs for the lowest income households.

Made possible by innovative new technology, in particular the Climate Calculator, this report outlines a package of policies that represent the commitments and trade-offs we as a country are prepared to make, based on the input from a nationally representative group of nearly 20,000 people. These measures, if taken together and taken soon, would result in a 42% reduction in emissions by 2030, exceeding the government’s existing target and setting the country on a clear path to net zero.

The public’s choices include:

  • A carbon tax on polluting businesses and subsidies for industry
  • Better integrated public transport coordinated by local government
  • A strong campaign encouraging less red meat and diary
  • A comprehensive charging network for electric vehicles in place by 2028
  • Increasing flying costs

Read the full report here.