Our events bring together the brightest minds and most influential voices from across the political spectrum, civil society, business and the economy.


We currently host two networks which meet monthly hosting high level speakers: 


The Public Services 2030 Network is a movement of organisations and individuals committed to rebuilding and reforming our public services so they are fit for the next decade. 


The Good Web Network is a community spanning government, industry and civil society, collaborating to build a better internet. Together, our network will better understand how we can build an internet that strengthens, rather than threatens, our democracy and our digital rights. 

How can the next government deliver a new vision for social care?

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For more than two decades, different governments have tried and failed to reform adult social care in the UK. Yet despite continued policy failure, there is growing momentum around a bold, positive vision for the future of social care, as...

Can collective imagination spark a public services revolution?

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It has been argued that we are facing a deficit of social imagination: the ability to imagine a better society a generation or more into the future. Collective imagination suggests the best way to respond to this challenge is for...

A more equal digital society – in conversation with Alex Davies Jones

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The development of new digital technologies continues to accelerate, opening up new frontiers in innovation, productivity and growth, as well as offering the potential to improve healthcare and public service delivery: the recent AI boom in particular opening up new...

Good Web Network: How should we regulate AI?

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A few months ago, policy makers had only a vague idea of the importance of AI. Now, Presidents and Prime Ministers across the world are scrambling to convene experts, host Summits and consider how we can make generative AI work...

Fixing the Foundations: How to finally deliver homelessness prevention

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As the political parties gear up for the next election, public service reform is back on the agenda. This includes a renewed focus on prevention; Labour has recently called for problems to be tackled “with a long-term, preventative approach”. In...

The Preventative State: Launch Event

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  The state has got stuck in a rut of servicing the nation’s most acute problems. The post-Beveridge promise, in which the state would step in for short periods of time of worklessness, or to treat short periods of illness,...