An Inclusive Economy

The economy isn’t working for too many people - we want to rebalance the relationship between businesses, government and communities to make it fairer and fuel a stronger society

The economic divide – between people, places and institutions – has become unsustainably wide. For a nation to hold together, every place and every person needs a stake in economic growth. 

An inclusive economy will not happen by accident. We need to design all the institutions in our economy to deliver a stronger, fairer and greener society. Business, the state, regulators and markets will need to be reformed so that they deliver the inclusive economy we all want to see.

Demos is working to find ways to make the most of the digital transition of our economy to improve outcomes for the places and the people who have been left behind. We’re working around the country on how to achieve a fairer transition to a net zero future. We’re interested in the role businesses can make in contributing to local communities and we have worked extensively on levelling up and how to involve both business and the communities in it to create a more inclusive economy. 

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