Trusted Technology

More Trustworthy Technology, in which technological progress aligns with the needs and values of citizens.

Technology is now intertwined in our daily lives. Artificial Intelligence is in our homes, workplaces, social lives, and education, finance, health and legal systems; the productivity potential is enormous, but so are the risks of misuse and bias. People are better connected than ever through social media, but our information environments are rife with disinformation fueling division. Big data could unlock answers to some of life’s most stubborn conundrums, but poor data privacy allows personal data to be mined and weaponised.

Technology is now so intertwined that you can’t see it in isolation; it is changing the world around it. 

Big tech and technocratic bodies are making decisions about these pervasive technologies that will have profound social, economic, and political consequences for citizens. 

Our vision is a future in which people are placed at the heart of these decision-making processes to ensure technology is built with and for people, not something done to them. It is a future in which politicians, technical experts, diverse stakeholders, and citizens collaboratively partner to build bridges and tackle the most challenging issues in tech. 

We are working to tackle how disinformation is driven, online and offline, how AI could be designed for trust as it’s adopted in the private and public sectors, what the future of open source technologies are and how we build new technologies for the good of humanity.

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