A Trusted Political System

We believe in a more collaborative democracy, which puts people at the heart of policy-making, resulting in more effective policy and more trust in the system

We strive for a more collaborative democracy, that looks for consensus and listens to the experiences of people most affected by the government’s decisions. 

By partnering with the public to bring their experiences to the forefront we can help politicians be braver about their ambitions, lifting their sights beyond the next election to the kind of country we want to be.  

That’s why we’re committed to building and deploying technology and methodologies that make it easier for policy makers to include the general public. 

We use a wide range of deliberative methodologies and tools (both digital and in-person) to engage and empower citizens – giving them the time, space, and information to see things from a new perspective and reach considered views on thorny policy issues. We blend traditional qualitative and quantitative methods, with deliberative processes and innovative participatory tech such as Polis, which is used to engage thousands of people in mass exercises to identify areas of consensus and crowdsource fresh ideas. It is an incredibly simple tool which focuses on what people agree on, rather than what divides them. 

We use tools like Polis for our research, but we don’t stop there. We are fierce advocates for such tools and participatory methods to have a much wider political application and help strengthen our democracy. 

Our commitment to using deliberation and tools like Polis to inform our research means we work with those who are at the cutting edge of tech and democracy. Those who are unapologetically ambitious about the power and need of including people, and their ideas, in the decision making processes that impact all of us. 

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