Relational public services

Public service reform that puts people and improving relationships at its heart, in order to empower communities, prevent problems and support the economy

Our public services are at breaking point. Whether it’s NHS waiting lists, social care provision or employment support, it’s clear that something isn’t working. This cannot continue. 

We have developed a vision for what the future of our public services could look like. We call it relational public services. It sees one of the most important roles of the state as building social capital by strengthening relationships. These are the relationships that we have with one another, but also between public service providers and users. 

This isn’t about injecting more money into the state, nor is it about ushering in a new era of privatisation. We reject the partisan arguments about big versus small state, and instead argue for a stronger state that works in partnership with communities to prevent problems before they happen. 

This will require not just the experience of ordinary citizens, but the expertise and passion of foundations, charities and businesses who care just as deeply about the potential of the public sector as we do. If you share our vision for public service reform, we’d love to work with you.

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The Future Public Services Taskforce is a Demos-led, cross-party initiative launched to develop a new White Paper for public service reform.

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