Our events bring together the brightest minds and most influential voices from across the political spectrum, civil society, business and the economy.


We currently host two networks which meet monthly hosting high level speakers: 


The Public Services 2030 Network is a movement of organisations and individuals committed to rebuilding and reforming our public services so they are fit for the next decade. 


The Good Web Network is a community spanning government, industry and civil society, collaborating to build a better internet. Together, our network will better understand how we can build an internet that strengthens, rather than threatens, our democracy and our digital rights. 

ChatGPT can’t decide: is generative AI good for democracy?

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We asked Chat GPT whether it was good for democracy, and after assuring us it had no personal opinions on the matter, it said that it could support better access to information and facilitate dialogue, but that it could also...

Employment support: how do we make it fit for the future?

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Recent months have seen a new debate about economic inactivity in the UK, particularly among older workers. It’s a debate at the very top of the political agenda; witness the Chancellor’s recent calls for over 50s to get off the...

Good Web Network in Conversation with Paul Scully MP

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Is it possible to create a level playing field for big tech? How can we give consumers better control of their data? What would stricter regulation for digital markets look like? These are some of the questions the new Digital...

A New Age of Inheritance: What is it and what does it mean for the UK?

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With more wealth being transferred across generations through inheritances and gifts, the UK is entering a new ‘age of inheritance’. Yet this wealth will not be distributed equally. This means the UK’s new ‘age of inheritance’ could amplify existing divides,...

The Grey Area: engaging with scientific uncertainty in online spaces

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Join Demos, in partnership with the group Challenging Pseudoscience at the Royal Institution, for a panel event to discuss how to engage with the fact of scientific uncertainty when tackling misinformation. We’ll discuss how we, as a society, do and...

How can we make tech policymaking better?

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The next in our Good Web Network series, we will be discussing the question of how tech policy is made. We’ll be asking: what is ‘tech policy’? What are groups that exist within ‘tech policy’? How do we break out...

Why do relationships matter for public services?

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Relationships are crucial to our social, economic and physical wellbeing. To give two examples: social connections are crucial to finding jobs; loneliness is known to come with significant health risks. Yet too often public services are ‘relationally blind’, interacting with...

The Good Web Network Launch

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Join us on Thursday October 27th at Demos’ offices on Whitehall as we launch the Good Web Network. We’ll be hosting a panel discussion and drinks reception to discuss what role can the UK play in building the Good Web? The...

Public Services 2030 Network Launch

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Public services are in crisis. Backlogs are everywhere, from NHS waiting lists to undecided asylum applications. Frontline staff, managers and civil servants alike are doing their best to respond, and often performing heroically. But the fundamentals of the situation are...

A hopeful vote: Fresh ideas for democratic renewal

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You can watch a recording of the event here Faith in democracy is at an epic low. Trust in politics is shot. The quality of policy-making in government is unambitious. But all over the world, there are hints of new...