How can the next government deliver a new vision for social care?

25 Oct 2023 - 25 Oct 2023

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm GMT


For more than two decades, different governments have tried and failed to reform adult social care in the UK. Yet despite continued policy failure, there is growing momentum around a bold, positive vision for the future of social care, as set out by Social Care Future.

This event asks: how can the next government deliver a new vision for social care? Crucially, this must encompass the whole population that draws on social care, including working-age adults and those with disabilities.

This is the October event of Demos’ Public Services 2030 Network: a movement of organisations committed to public service reform. This event is co-curated between Demos and More Than A Provider.


  • Andrew Gwynne MP, Shadow Minister for Social Care
  • Anna Severwright, Co-Chair, Coalition for Collaborative Care
  • Richard Humphries, Senior Policy Advisor, The Health Foundation
  • Ben Glover, Head of Social Policy, Demos (Chair)

Doors will open from 17:30 and the panel will begin at 18:00.



Public services are in crisis. Backlogs are everywhere, from NHS waiting lists to undecided asylum applications. Frontline staff, managers and civil servants alike are doing their best to respond, and often performing heroically.

But the fundamentals of the situation are beyond individual heroism, short term fixes or limited cash injections to resolve. The United Kingdom needs a rethink on public services: what do we want, what are we willing to pay for, and who will do the work and how will there be change?

There is no shortage of bold and innovative ideas. From pioneering councils to charities experimenting to new approaches to service design and thinkers across the political spectrum, we have been inspired by the wealth of work happening right across the country.

Now is the time to connect these voices to create a new era of public service reform. The Public Services 2030 Network is a movement of organisations committed to rebuilding and reforming our public services so they are fit for the next decade.

Network founding partners:

  • The Centre for Public Impact
  • More Than a Provider
  • Policy@Manchester, The University of Manchester
  • Reed in Partnership

Network knowledge partners:

  • The Institute of Employability Professionals
  • The WEA