Future Public Services Taskforce

Public services today face severe challenges. Yet as the country finally emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, we have a chance to reflect on what future we want for our public services.

Away from Westminster, an exciting new public services paradigm has been sketched: a more relational, preventative state. Yet the country lacks a national public service reform agenda and has done so for over a decade now. 

This is critical because there is no path to reforming our public services unless there is a clear vision from the centre, even if that vision involves delegating power to citizens, communities and professionals. 

We will respond by producing a public service reform strategy for central government. This strategy could provide the basis for the first cross-cutting public service reform White Paper since 2011, should a government choose to produce one. 

The Future Public Services Taskforce is led and delivered by Demos. It is supported by Big Society Capital, Bridges Outcomes Partnerships, CIPFA and PA Consulting. 

The Taskforce will work with an external Advisory Board and external Policy Advisors. Please see below for further details. 

The views expressed throughout the work of the Taskforce are Demos’ only and are not necessarily reflective of the views of the Advisory Board members, Policy Advisors or the organisations who fund the Taskforce. 

To find out more about the Taskforce, please contact Ben Glover, Head of Social Policy at Demos, at [email protected].

Advisory Board Members

Policy Advisors