The Triple Dividend of Home Improvement Part Three: Getting Britain back on track to deliver Net Zero


The residential sector is becoming an ever more important source of carbon emissions, as we successfully decouple energy generation from fuels such as gas and coal that generate large carbon footprints. With an ageing population, ensuring well heated but sustainable housing will become even more important.

We’ve partnered with Centre for Ageing Better, on a project that’s been supported by Dunhill Medical Trust, to explore the potential policy solutions for home improvement that can help the UK satisfy its environmental obligations.

Our first paper looked at the economic benefits. The second, Overcoming the Health and Care Polycrisis, looks at what the health and care benefits of a comprehensive package of home improvement could be. This paper, the last in the series, looks at how the right combination of public, private and social sector action, we can improve the lives of millions of people, save significant public money, create new jobs and skills and meet our commitments to the environment.