Recovery Through Reform: Launch paper of the Future Public Services Taskforce


The Future Public Services Taskforce will produce a cross-cutting public service reform strategy for central government. This could become the first cross-cutting public service reform White Paper since 2011. This launch paper describes the context facing public services today and how the Taskforce will respond to that context.

This paper argues that additional funding alone will not deliver a public services recovery; we must also see reform. We also believe that these reforms require a coherent vision from the centre of government to galvanise the system, allocate resources and push through resistance to change. 

Rebuilding our public services requires changes to commissioning, breaking down silos between different agencies and institutions, empowering the workforce, engaging communities, utilising digital technology more effectively and many other changes. Although the solution to many of these issues may be devolving power away from the centre, the reform agenda must start at the centre. 

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The Future Public Services Taskforce is a Demos-led, cross-party initiative launched to develop a new White Paper for public service reform.