The Triple Dividend of Home Improvement: The economic, social and environmental benefits


3.5 million homes in England are a serious threat to their occupants’ health and safety because of trip hazards, overcrowding, a lack of adequate facilities, and dangerous levels of cold and damp. The case for a comprehensive nationwide programme on home improvement grows stronger by the day – the rewards of which stretch across our economy, the health of our population and our carbon footprint. This is the ‘Triple Dividend’.

We partnered with Centre for Ageing Better and Dunhill Medical Trust, to produce a series of briefings that uncover the policy opportunities from investing in home improvement.

This composite briefing provides an overview of key findings and policy recommendations from all previous briefings which looked at; the economic benefits; the health and care benefits, and the environmental benefits. Critically, we find that investing in home improvement could generate significant gains for the UK, including:

Through the right combination of public, private and social sector action, we can improve the lives of millions of people, save significant public money, create new jobs and skills and meet our commitments to the environment.

There is no excuse for not achieving this Triple Dividend.