A concern with inequality lies deep in liberal DNA. More than a century and a half ago, John Stuart Mill argued for a cap on inheritance so that wealth might be more fairly distributed in society. His views jarred with Victorian attitudes. Would they be more accepted now?

This pamphlet argues for a renewed liberal equality agenda, based on evidence of the divisive impact of inequality on society and recent findings of the central role that financial security and access to resource plays in life chances and child development.

The Liberal Democrats face a unique opportunity: concern for economic inequality has never been more fashionable or higher in the public mind than in this post- recession era and following the double-scandal of MPs expenses and bankers bonuses. In the wake of the Labour government’s failure to effectively tackle inequality, a radical agenda focused on redistributing resource, capitalising disadvantaged families and improving services would cement the reputation of the Liberal Democrats as the vanguard of the contemporary progressive left.

With foreword by David Laws MP.