This collection of essays testifies to the vitality of thinking across the modern Left. It shows that its traditions and values are both rich and relevant to today’s problems. The essays confront the central ideological tensions facing the centre-Left, such as its attitude to equality; political economy; community and identity; and power and democracy. By drawing on a range of perspectives, this collection demonstrates how openness and pluralism can be combined with the confidence that there is much that unites the British centre-Left as we move into the second decade of the new century.

Amongst the complexity and diversity of the ideas expressed throughout the collection, a simple goal emerges: powerful people in a reciprocal society. This goal embodies the best of Labour’s traditions and can provide a fertile ground for policy, organisation, governance and the long-term political future of the Left.

Andrew Gamble is Professor of Politics at the University of Cambridge

Maurice Glasman is Director of the faith and citizenship programme at London Metropolitan University

Ben Jackson is a Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at University College, Oxford University

Mike Kenny is Professor of Politics at the University of Sheffield

David Miller is Professor of Political Theory at the University of Oxford

Richard Reeves is Director of Demos and author of John Stuart Mill: Victorian Firebrand

Meg Russell is a Reader in British and Comparative Politics and Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit at University College London

Marc Stears is a Fellow in Politics at University College, University of Oxford

Stuart White is a Lecturer in Politics and Tutorial Fellow at Jesus College, University of Oxford

Jonathan Wolff is Professor of Philosophy at University College London