Tokens, Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies


As we approach Bitcoin’s tenth birthday, Demos is excited to announce the launch of a program investigating decentralised networks, cryptoassets, and Blockchain. These exciting technologies have grown to be central pillars of technological development in the UK, and it’s now time to ensure decision-makers have a clear understanding of the technology, the risks and the benefits – as well as what role the government needs to take to ensure the technology is a force for public and economic good.

To do this, we’re partnering with Fabric Ventures – a venture capital firm specializing in decentralised data networks – to explore and explain the applications and uses of distributed ledger technologies, their likely future trajectory, and their policy implications. Through a series of interviews with policymakers, academics, law enforcement officers, and technologists in the space, we aim to understand and unveil how regulatory issues can be addressed in a technology-native way, and ultimately propose a workable framework that can safeguard the UK’s place in driving a positive impact on the economy, security, and society.

As always, we’re aiming to establish a bridge between technology companies, the media, UK politicians, and a range of independent experts and thought leaders to encourage a sensible and informed debate. As the world continues to evolve, it’s vital we stay ahead.