Suzanne Alleyne describes herself as a cultural thinker and runs a creative strategy.

in 2022 year she joined Demos as a Fellow to continue her research on the links between power, science, human behaviour and policy-making.

This paper, The Science of Power in the Body: How power affects wellbeing and what that means for policy, seeks to provoke.

It is rooted in Suzanne’s experiences as a Black, neurodiverse leader with multiple mental health diagnoses, and is based on her explorations into the world of science as a cultural researcher. The core of her argument is that power matters for wellbeing, because it hardwires those who have it, and those who are subject to it, for different experiences. It leaves the powerful stranded in a place where they struggle to empathise who others. Put in the context of policy-making, it means they can’t anticipate what their actions would mean for the people who might need the state’s interventions.

To read the paper, click here.