The Bottom Line: Mapping the financial experience of tenants in rent arrears


Tenants in rent arrears face extreme financial challenges. Despite this, some believe tenants do not pay their rent by choice, though anecdotal evidence suggests that rental payments are often the last outgoing not to be paid. This means those in extremely difficult circumstances do not receive the support and dignity they need and deserve.

To help better understand this issue and to add to the evidence base, Demos is examining the financial lives of tenants in highly challenging financial circumstances, supported by the Hyde Foundation. In particular, this will seek to understand and map the various different agencies and bodies that are interacting with them from a financial perspective, highlighting where various actors may not be working together coherently. 

The project will build on Demos’ Build Back Stronger report  – the culmination of our People’s Commission on Life after Covid – which called for greater resilience to be the guiding objective of Britain’s post-Covid renewal.

For further information about this project, please contact Maya Jeyabraba at [email protected].