The Optimism Project is a national conversation on what’s best about Britain, what our assets and opportunities are, and where we can succeed. 

At Demos, we’re fed up of political debate that descends into name-calling, division and abuse. We’re done with despairing about what divides us: it’s time to find the ideas that can bring us back together.

Through your help and support, we have been able to conduct our first piece of research in an exciting collaboration with Opinium, to uncover what Brits feel most optimistic about and where division and discontent lies in society. Our study explores just how optimistic the public are across eight different domains of our national life. From health to the impact of technology on our working lives, we have found surprising levels of optimism among the British public. The full paper is available to download here.

We want to continue our work bringing together the ideas, passion and optimism of British people to build a brighter future, but we need your help. We’re an independent charity – we can’t rely on political parties or big business to support us.

Whether you can help us with £2, or £200, we’ll put every penny to use getting Britain inspired again.

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