Opportunities to better prevent homelessness in England: A Demos-Centre for Homelessness Impact discussion paper


Homelessness is rising once more as an issue of public concern in England as cost of living pressures have first stalled and then begun to reverse gains made during the Covid-19 pandemic. Polling shows popular support for greater attention to address homelessness: 75% of UK adults believe more should be done.

We have seen concerted efforts over several decades to prevent homelessness in England, and even though we know that this is better than cure, efforts until now have only taken us so far. To end homelessness for good, this needs to change.

Building on this discussion paper and its assessment of current prevention efforts in England, we draw on the available evidence to highlight some potential opportunities to enhance prevention of homelessness and where future policy and practice could focus, which include introducing a greater focus and coherence to national policy commitments to prevent homelessness and bringing forward evidence-based solutions to maximise the impact of existing structures (e.g. legislation) and investment in preventing homelessness.