Meet the Commissioners: Ndidi Okezie


Chief Executive of UK Youth

“Even before COVID-19, young people had the least stable employment opportunities, they were lonelier than older people and more likely to be the victims of serious crime – they have been particularly hard hit by this crisis. Nonetheless we can see the incredible ways in which they have stepped up to the mark throughout. Proactively building peer led online communities, volunteering in record numbers across the country. Having sacrificed so much, their futures must now be reimagined. They must be empowered to contribute to the conversations and equipped to thrive going forward. I’m so pleased to be asked to join this Commission so we can proactively amplify a diversity of youth voices. We need to restore the sense of hope and agency that all young people are entitled to feel and that starts by ensuring they are a central part of this national conversation.”

Ndidi is an influential public advocate, delivering transformational change in a variety of contexts. Joining UK Youth as CEO in January 2020, Ndidi was previously Vice President of the Secondary School Portfolio for Pearson PLC, having been a teacher and then School Leader for 10 years. She then spent six years on the executive board for Teach First where she oversaw Youth Access Programmes, Community Action and Alumni Development.

Ndidi is deeply committed to youth work, life skills development, and youth equality. In 2013 she was a member of the Department for Education’s Youth Work in Education Committee and currently sits on the Department for Education’s Character Education Advisory Group. Ndidi is also a board member for youth homelessness charity, Centrepoint UK, the National Citizen Service and The Mulberry Schools Trust.