Last year, former Demos Chief Executive, Polly Mackenzie wrote a series of papers, collectively titled Making Democracy Work, to make the case for change in how we do politics.

In Making Democracy Work, the first paper, Polly makes the case that the success of a democracy is contingent on “society”, and that a strong society is founded on trust and relationships between citizens, and between citizens and the state.

Living in the Exponential Age looks at a dozen different trends that are fragmenting society into atomised individuals and opposing tribes, and makes the case that it is the state’s job to address this.

The Humble Policy Maker looks at the way we make policy, and argues that it is doing the exact opposite: dividing and patronising citizens.

The Gravitational State, the final paper in the series, sets out an alternative approach to government and policy making that can rebuild society, empower citizens, and unite a demos to tackle collectively the vast challenges our century presents.

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