Flowing Forward: Safeguarding the UK’s water system


We are rapidly running out of time to increase our water resilience. If we don’t act fast the UK’s water demand will exceed supply by as early as 2036. This issue is compounded by the threats of climate change – if England experienced a severe drought, and used emergency supply measures to cover the entire shortfall of water, this would cost around £1.8 billion a day.

Our new report, supported by Affinity Water, builds on our previous paper calling for policy makers, the water industry, business and the public to work together to avoid an unnecessary water crisis in the years ahead. It sets outs a number of policy recommendations to keep the taps flowing:

  1. Create a new dedicated Minister for Water to act as a national champion for water efficiency.
  2.  Reinstate the National Water Council to drive a national effort around water efficiency.
  3. Make water meters compulsory for all households.
  4. Explore the use of rising block tariffs, providing a range of tariffs which determine the price that consumers pay based on usage.
  5. Put in place more ambitious targets for new homes for water efficiency, aiming for 100 litres per person per day in water-stressed areas, and 110 litres in all other areas.
  6. Ensure better training of plumbers and installers to reduce leaks and ensure maximum efficiency of products.