Development of a responsible investment app


Moving towards a sustainable financial system will be one of the most important steps in tackling the world’s environmental issues. To these ends, many of our financial leaders are working towards moving capital towards more sustainable, low carbon sectors but there is also a role for individual investors. 

Many investors and pension fund beneficiaries would like to use their investments to help address climate change and other ills. This project aims to mobilise this desire, with a view to making a significant difference to company behaviour. The key output will be a practical tool that helps investors and beneficiaries monitor how effectively their representatives use such power as they have to influence companies. The tool will play a role in mobilising their calls to action, providing investors with a means to in effect ‘vote with their shares’. The project will draw on Demos’ extensive qualitative research experience to co-design the tool with pension owners and investors to ensure that it is both functional and desirable to prospective users.

For further information about this project, please contact Charles Seaford at [email protected].