Community Covenants: A proposal for reinventing public services with Conservative principles

This paper has been co-authored by Simon Fell MP, Jo Gideon MP, Paul Howell MP, Kieran Mullan MP, Robin Millar MP, Nick Fletcher MP, Danny Kruger MP, Jerome Mayhew MP, Miriam Cates MP, Sally-Ann Hart MP and Jane Stevenson MP.


This paper, co-authored with the New Social Covenant Unit, argues that the Conservatives need to be clear-headed about their thinking on public services, and that – to strengthen our civic impulse and create the foundations for a new wave of community institutions – we need a new covenant on public services at a local and at a national level.

The paper makes the case that, too often, Conservatives have spoken of reform, but that this doesn’t confront the problems that have got us here. Community Covenants means to start a debate and provide the evidence and ideas for how we can transform public services.