Communities of humanitarian thought: The case for change in a time of crisis


The challenges facing the UK as we move forward can seem daunting: the fight against Covid-19 is not over, and the health inequalities that exist in the UK are starker than ever. We are seeing the increasing effects of climate change on populations around the world, political and social divisions that at times can seem irresolvable, and the dust has not yet settled around a reconfiguring of Britain’s place on the world stage.

This essay collection to mark the British Red Cross’ 150th year brings together leading thinkers from different sectors, and with different experiences, outlining what they see as the current challenges across the urgent humanitarian issues of health inequalities, displacement and migration, and disasters and emergencies – and, crucially, what they see as the opportunities for policy change.

We hope this collection can act as a contribution to and a catalyst for bold policymaking, driven by collaboration and rooted in consensus.

Read the essay collection here.