Bringing Britain Together: A manifesto for consensus politics


Bringing Britain Together: A manifesto for consensus politics makes the case for a more deliberative politics, where politicians spend more time talking about those issues that unite us, and not those that divide us.

In the midst of the 2019 General Election campaign, the fourth nation-wide vote in five years, Britain feels like a nation in crisis. Politics is broken due to a number of factors including the rise of social media, tribalism and identity politics and the lack of political renewal.

But, there is room for hope. The Political Division Index, a new accompanying Demos report shows that this division exists most strongly among the politically active. The nation is open to compromise, and willing to talk to those across the divides. On topics like the NHS and climate change, there exists a base for a healthier democratic debate.

The manifesto urges politicians to build on these issues this election campaign, and start real reform of our political system. We make the case for a decentralised politics and a digital politics which unites people of all walks of life, instead of finding new ways to divide us.

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