10 Today


This year, Demos, will be evaluating a new innovative intervention that tackles one of the country’s greatest public health challenges.  The project, 10 Today, aims to improve the lives of older people by tackling inactivity. At the moment, 42% of older people are physically inactive. You are more likely to be inactive the older you are. Yet physical activity protects against poor health and disease, improves mental health and maintains independence.

We have developed a series of short ten minute physical activity routines that will be broadcast on the radio and online. We’re harnessing the power of technology for social impact, empowering individuals with the tools to be active in their lives. The project has been designed by older people, for older people and will bring older people together to do the activity as a group.

Launching in April 2019, the project will be piloted for six months and broadcast from two community radio stations in Bradford and Cornwall while also available to watch online. We will be partnering with Anchor Hanover to deliver 10 Today in retirement communities across the country.

At the end of the pilot, we will assess the outcomes of the intervention and publish our evaluation findings.

We’re currently looking for 10 Today champions, to spread the word and facilitate others to take part in 10 Today as a group. We ask that you facilitate one 10 Today session a week – so if you’ve got just ten minutes to spare, then 10 Today might be for you.

Visit the 10 Today website to find out more and discover how you can get involved.

With many thanks to our partners.