10 Today is a set of fun 10-minute, audio and video workouts designed by and for older people to help them keep physically active, boost their wellbeing, and maintain mobility and balance. Each routine provides engaging and easy to follow exercises. They can be done at any time, whether standing up or sitting down, and are adaptable to different fitness levels.

The programme was developed through action research led by Demos working with Anchor Hanover, community radio stations BCB and CHBN, and ReVitalyz, supported by and in partnership with Sport England. It has aimed to improve the lives of older people and tackle physical inactivity, one of the great public health challenges the country faces.

Our research found that 42% of older people are physically inactive, and people are more likely to be inactive the older they are. Yet we know that physical activity protects against poor health and disease, improves mental health and maintains independence.

The 10 Today pilot reached over 20,000 older people through Peer Champions, community radio broadcasts, and audio and video content available online. The programme increased activity levels, reduced social isolation, increased confidence, reduced depression and boosted mental wellbeing, and improved strength and balance to help with everyday tasks.

This report outlines the impact that 10 Today has had to date, and how it was achieved.

Read the full report here.