Dr Mohammed Aziz, has worked as a teacher, policy officer and lawyer. He was the founding CEO/Director of the Forum Against Islamophobia & Racism (2000-3), the British Muslim Research Centre (2003-5) and the Aziz Foundation (2015-18). He served as a Commissioner at the Commission for Racial Equality (2003-7) and the Equal Opportunities Commission (2005-7); and on the Commission for Equality & Human Rights Taskforce and Steering Group (2003-6) and the TUC’s Commission on Vulnerable Employment (2006-8). He was elected Chair of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) for 2007-10 and Vice-Chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum for 2010-14. During this period, he was also a Director of FaithWise Ltd and a Consultant Senior Advisor to the UK Government on Race, Faith & Integration (2004-11). Dr Aziz was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University (2010-12), Director of the Centre for Policy and Public Education at the Woolf Institute, Cambridge (2012-15), an Associate Member of St Edmund’s College, Cambridge (2013-15); and sat on two national Honours Committees at the request of the Cabinet Office (2005-11). Between 2013-16, he set up and led the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life.