Louis Reynolds


Louis is a Researcher at Demos, working within the Citizenship and Political Participation programme. He specialises in radicalisation and extremism.

Since joining Demos in 2013 Louis had authored reports on a wide range of areas, from digital politics and voter turnout to integration and education policy. Recent reports include Rising to the Top, on British Muslims and the labour market, Tune In Turn Out, on youth participation in politics, and Under-Served, a report on working age veterans in residential care. Louis has strengthened his interest in digital research through collaborations with Demos’ Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, and he has worked on a range of digital initiatives in the organisation’s Citizenship programme, including the Verto voter advice application for the 2015 General Election, and the Voices of Discontent project on anti-establishment politics online. Louis’ research has been covered broadly in the national and international media.

Louis holds a Masters in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College London and a degree in War Studies from the University of Birmingham.