The Good Web Network Launch

27 Oct 2022 - 27 Oct 2022

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

Join us on Thursday October 27th at Demos’ offices on Whitehall as we launch the Good Web Network. We’ll be hosting a panel discussion and drinks reception to discuss what role can the UK play in building the Good Web?

The promise of a positive internet is under constant threat from authoritarian alternatives. The UK is collaborating with countries around the world on an agenda to promote democratic and open technologies; has just been elected to the ITU, the UN’s technology agency, and is currently working on passing the Online Safety Bill, which promises to be ‘world-leading’ legislation. But we also face increasing divergence as the UK seeks to set its own course, outside of the European model, from data protection and online services regulation. And the current plans in the UK have come under close scrutiny, with widespread fears about the risks they pose to privacy, anonymity and freedom of expression closer to home. We’ll be asking: in an international digital age, what role can the UK play in building the Good Web?

Come along for drinks and discussion, and help us shape the Good Web Network.


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