Demos Daily: The Learning Curve


During lockdown, many people are using this time to set themselves new goals. Whether it’s furloughed workers up-skilling to improve their employability, parents finding more for their children to learn in the absence of school, or just simply a way for people to keep themselves occupied, now is the ideal opportunity for many to learn something new. The truth is: we’re more able now to learn different skills than we ever have been. With vast amounts of resources online, now is a good time for many to discover their new forte; whether it be coding, cooking or calligraphy. Only back in February this year, we published a report exploring the impact of online learning. We found that the British people are learning online on a scale far greater than anyone may have thought.

Read The Learning Curve here, and check out our graphics showing the most popular skills and hobbies different people are learning online, and where, below.