Mapping Integration

The Demos Integration Hub has now launched. Drawing on data from a wide range of public sources and leading independent research, the Hub provides a data-driven picture of the nation’s changing social and ethnic fabric, to encourage a more evidence-led debate about the integration and segregation of ethnic minorities, and the openness and cohesion of British society.

The Integration Hub reveals a varied picture of modern Britain, in which many minority groups are benefiting from rapid upward social mobility, and others continue to face entrenched poverty and an intensifying disconnection from mainstream life. It explores how both cultural preferences and economic inequality have played a role in determining communities’ differing levels of segregation, and their overall prosperity in British society.

Developed to be accessible to policy-makers, local and national politicians, the media and the general public, the Integration Hub focuses on five core policy areas: residence, work and welfare, society and everyday life, education and attitudes/identity. It combines quantitative data on a wide range of indicators, with a literature review of analysis from the world’s leading demographers, economists and social scientists.

The Demos Integration Hub can be accessed at integrationhub.net.



Changing of the guard

While the UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world, this diversity is not reflected in Britain’s offices of power.

The organisation UpRising is working to change that - and a new report from Demos evaluates their success so far.

Read the interim report


Commission on Apprenticeships

We know apprenticeships are valuable, yet they continue to be seen as a second best option for school leavers.

The final report of the Commission on Apprenticeships, co-chaired by Rob Halfon MP and Lord Glasman, examines why and what can be done to improve their status.

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Demos Quarterly: Winter 2015

The Winter Issue of Demos Quarterly, our magazine of political ideas, is now published.

It includes original pieces on education policy, the role of law in a healthy democracy, voting reform, social value and the use of social media by Jihadist groups.

Browse the magazine.


Voices of Discontent

Why is populism on the rise across Europe? Drawing on substantial original data, new research from Demos explores the morality and self-justifications of populism.

These reasons are given in the supporters' own words on the new Voices of Discontent website.

Read the report. Explore the data.



British aisles

Britain's increasing reliance on food banks has grabbed the headlines, but are they a sustainable solution?

A new Demos report looks at British and international examples of community supermarkets to see if they could be a better response to food poverty.

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The Twitter election

With less than 100 days until the election, tweets are increasingly becoming a key weapon in the political arsenal.

Demos CASM announces a new partnership with the Sunday Times, providing unique weekly analysis of the campaign online.

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What makes a job 'good'?

In the midst of a jobs-rich recovery, attention inevitably shifts to the quality of the jobs being created.

This new Demos and PwC essay collection tackles outstanding questions over pay, productivity, security and job satisfaction.

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May 22

Rethinking NIMBYism

Researcher Charlie Cadywould explores whether financial compensation may stem local opposition to new energy and housing developments.

May 21

Demos Integration Hub Launches

The ground-breaking new online Demos Integration Hub has been launched, bringing together cutting-edge research and statistics on ethno-cultural integration and segregation in modern Britain.



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