Renew Normal: The Podcast

The outbreak of Covid-19 in the UK has changed our economic, political and social landscape beyond recognition. But how should Britain build back from the crisis? Polly Mackenzie is joined by leaders, thinkers and campaigners in this new podcast to discuss how we can find opportunity from the adversity, and shape a better future.

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Episode 7: Ndidi Okezie

Polly Mackenzie is joined by the Chief Executive Officer of UK Youth and Renew Normal Commissioner, Ndidi Okezie. They talk about the impact that Covid-19 has had on the lives of young people, and how we tackle the biggest challenges facing this generation – such as unemployment – going forward.

Episode 6: Nick Timothy CBE

Polly Mackenzie chats to former joint Chief of Staff to Theresa May, author and Renew Normal Commissioner, Nick Timothy. They discuss how the pandemic has affected loneliness, the future of taxation and digital infrastructure, and the role of community in how we build back from the Covid-19 crisis.

Episode 5: Vidhya Alakeson

What infrastructure do communities and our town centres need to thrive? What have we learnt about how communities respond in times of crisis? And how do we hold on to the community kindness in the long-term?

Polly Mackenzie chats to Renew Normal Commissioner and Chief Executive of Power to Change, Vidhya Alakeson, to discuss the lessons we’ve learnt from the Covid-19 crisis, and how we should move forward. Power to Change is an organisation supporting and developing community businesses in England.

Episode 4: Josh Hardie

Polly Mackenzie is joined by Renew Normal Commissioner and Deputy Director-General of the CBI, Josh Hardie. They discuss the many challenges businesses and employers have been facing since the Covid-19 outbreak, and what a positive future could look like for skills, infrastructure and the workforce.

Episode 3: Mike Clancy

What does the Covid-19 crisis mean for the future of our working lives? What have we learnt about our welfare system? What does a new deal for self-employed people look like when this is all over?

Polly Mackenzie chats to Mike Clancy, General Secretary of Prospect trade union and Renew Normal Commissioner, about the impact that the Covid-19 crisis could have on jobs and the future of the welfare state.

Episode 2: Baroness Morgan of Cotes

Polly Mackenzie chats to Renew Normal Commissioner and Conservative peer, Nicky Morgan, former Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and for Education. They discuss what the Covid-19 crisis has meant for community spirit and loneliness, and the impact it could have on the future of the education system and our cultural institutions.

Episode 1: Martha Lane Fox

What does the Covid-19 crisis mean for the future of the digital sector? What digital inequalities have been exposed? Is tech the solution to all of our newfound challenges? In this first episode, Polly Mackenzie is joined by businesswoman, digital guru, and crossbench peer, Martha Lane Fox, to discuss what the future of tech should look like after Covid-19, and how we should tackle the digital divide.

Martha Lane Fox co-founded Last Minute, and from 2009 to 2013 she was Digital Champion for the UK and helped to create the Government Digital Service. Martha is also currently Chancellor of the Open University.