Measuring Up

Business is under increasing pressure to demonstrate its social value and civic responsibility. Critics call for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to be more effective and businesses to benefit more directly the communities in which they operate. But the truth is that while many businesses fund and deliver an array of positive and pro-social activities and interventions, they remain poor at measuring and demonstrating the social value they add.

Measuring Up aims to bring social value into the corporate sphere. It recommends a new tool – the first to be specifically designed to measure the social value of corporate sponsorship. This tool, designed to be both rigorous and easily applied by businesses at a minimum additional cost, will help the corporate sector to understand, demonstrate and improve the social value of their sponsorship and CSR activity.

If we want capitalism to be more responsible, and to drive positive social change, we must equip businesses with the necessary tools. Measuring Up provides the corporate sector with the means to measure the social value of their engagement with events, communities and charities – to discover the good that business can do.