Demos and the Irish Election

Demos has launched an exciting new partnership with the Irish Examiner, providing exclusive analysis of the digital dimension of the Irish General Election in 2016. Throughout the campaign period, the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos will collect and analyse all Twitter content sent to, from or about incumbent and challenger candidates, with the data published in the Irish Examiner in daily and weekly updates.

CASM will use its pioneering in-house social media analysis technology – ‘Method52’ – co-developed with technologists at the University of Sussex, to capture a range of data about candidates and issues throughout the campaign, and will conduct local-level analysis of the Cork region, zero-ing in on how the Election is being fought at the grassroots.

Daily Wrap-Ups

All the latest stats and key issues as they’ve played out on social media during the campaign:

Opinion and Analysis

Who Would Win the Election if it was Based on Tweets? – as Ireland heads to the polls, Francesca Arcostanzo crunches the numbers on who has won the digital campaign

Pendulum of Power Swinging to Parties Outside the Mainstream – Carl Miller on the “seismic shift” taking place within Irish politics, as independent candidates come to the fore on social media

Politicians and Electorate all of a-Twitter as the Campaign Heats Up – Demos’ social media research team wraps up the social media reaction to the televised candidates’ debate

Smart Politicians use Twitter to Converse with Constituents – Josh Smith shows how genuine digital engagement can prove a successful tactic for MPs

The Man who Stares at Goats: How Gerry Adams Conquered Twitter – Carl Miller explores how controversial figure Gerry Adams has won over the Twittersphere

The Digital World: A New Election Battleground – launching our partnership and featuring the first day’s stats and analysis

Social Media Gives Politicians a Vote of Confidence – Carl Miller on the role social media will play in the 2016 Irish Election

Cork’s Online Movers and Shakers – Demos’ analysis reveals how Cork’s candidates are engaging with Twitter