Final score

In the current economic and political climate, businesses are expected to go ‘above and beyond’ in delivering benefits to communities, as well as to meet rigorous standards of accountability. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer peripheral; it has become a core business activity. Demos’ publication Measuring Up outlined a new tool – the first to be specifically geared towards measuring the social value of corporate sponsorship. It is designed to help the corporate sector to understand, demonstrate and improve the social value of its engagement with events, communities and charities.

London 2012 provided an ideal opportunity to test the application of our social value model to sponsorship on a large scale. Demos worked with Coca-Cola, the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympic Movement, to measure the social impact of the company’s Olympic-related investment on communities and individuals. This follow-up report details the process and the outcome of this pilot. Its findings will contribute to making the Measuring Up model sustainable as way of measuring and demonstrating the good businesses can do.

View an infographic of the report here.