Demos Announces Social Media Analysis Partnership with the Irish Examiner Ahead of 2016 Irish Election

Today, Demos announces an exciting new partnership with the Irish Examiner, providing exclusive analysis of the digital dimension of the Irish General Election in 2016.

The partnership will see the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos collect and analyse all Twitter content sent to, from or about incumbent and challenger candidates, with the data published in the Irish Examiner in daily and weekly updates.

CASM will use its pioneering in-house social media analysis technology – ‘Method52’ – co-developed with technologists at the University of Sussex, to capture a range of data throughout the campaign, including:

  • Twitter’s most and least popular candidates
  • The loudest voices, most shared images, biggest stories and most powerful messages dominating the debate online
  • Key issues of the week; and
  • The biggest wins/gaffes from candidates

In addition, CASM will conduct local-level analysis of the Cork region, zero-ing in on how the Election is being fought at the grassroots.

Findings will be published daily in the Irish Examiner newspaper, and on its website. On Saturdays, these will be complemented with commentary on the week’s developments from CASM’ research team, accompanied by exclusive graphics and visualisations. Demos will also contribute opinion pieces to the Irish Examiner throughout the campaign, exploring the rise of digital politics and online electioneering.

The partnership will launch with the commencement of the 2016 Irish General Election campaign. You can follow all of Demos’ analysis at