The Liquidity Trap: Financial experience and inclusion in the liquid workforce

Posted by demos on November 20th, 2019

Our priorities for the Budget

As the Government prepares for its first Budget this week, senior researcher Ben Glover sets out our priorities for the…

Posted by Events on March 10th, 2020

People Powered Planning

Posted by Events on September 9th, 2019

Research 4.0: Research in the age of automation

Posted by demos on October 1st, 2019

Future Homes

Posted by demos on June 20th, 2019

The Wealth Within: the ‘Preston Model’ and the new municipalism

Posted by demos on June 7th, 2019

Pathways from Poverty: The future of the DWP

Posted by demos on March 25th, 2019

Liberals must embrace the radical political economy of land

Liberals everywhere are struggling, not least because of their image as unambitious defenders of the status quo. Could the radical…

Posted by demos on December 17th, 2018

The Carers’ Covenant

Posted by demos on December 6th, 2018

Why Britain needs a progressive VAT

Much is unfair in Britain today. But one of our country’s most enduringly unjust features is the poor’s clobbering by…

Posted by Tom Hashemi on November 26th, 2018

Plugged In

Posted by Events on September 21st, 2018

The Carers’ Covenant: why we are calling on the Government to introduce a bold new policy agenda for carers

Everyone knows social care desperately needs to change but there is little agreement of how. It comes as no surprise then that…

Posted by demos on December 6th, 2018

From Whitehall To Town Hall – A Vision For England After Brexit

This week Jeremy Corbyn was labelled a protectionist, an economic nationalist and even a Donald Trump impersonator for arguing that there…

Posted by demos on July 26th, 2018