Optimism FAQs

What will you spend the money on?

We’ll recruit as many people as we can to take part in this conversation. We want to make sure people of all backgrounds, ages and parts of the country are included, so it can’t just happen online. We’ll hold community discussion groups in as many parts of the country as we can. We’ll recruit people to keep video diaries and track what’s working well in their lives and communities. We’ll conduct national surveys, and ask for your ideas and reflections – and we’ll use CASM, our digital analysis specialists, to understand what’s happening elsewhere on line.

Will you report back?

If you opt in to keeping updated, we’ll let you know what’s happening with The Optimism Project every month – and we’ll invite you to get involved as much as possible. If we can raise £25,000 in a month, we’ll be able to run a really substantial project, and we’ll keep in touch as things progress.

What will I get in return?

You’ll be part of the Optimism Project, and we’ll invite you to participate and contribute at every stage. We’ll make sure you get a copy of our final report, which will be launched nationally to capture the attention of the media, politicians – and get the whole of Britain inspired.

Why are you crowdfunding?

We want this project to belong to people who share our vision for an optimistic common future. If we crowdfund the Optimism Project, we’ll be completely independent of any business or politician and can tell the truth of what we hear and what people want.

Who are Demos?

We’re Britain’s leading cross-party think tank, and a registered charity. We’ve spent 25 years listening to, connecting with, and developing ideas with, the citizens of Britain. We produce original research, publish innovative thinkers and host thought-provoking events.