Understanding and Countering Extremist Narratives

Demos and the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics are hosting a panel discussion on the topic of understanding and countering extremist narratives.

The rapid development of ISIS from an Al-Qaeda splinter group into the world’s most well-funded terrorist group highlights the rapidly changing and global character of the terrorist threat. At the same time, persistent domestic terrorism, propagated by both lone actors and organised groups, demonstrates the challenge posed by extremism within our own communities.

Significant gaps remain in our understanding of radicalisation – from the dogma and narratives that motivate people to join ISIS, to the role of online space as a platform for communication and spreading ideas. This event will present pioneering studies from the Centre on Religion and Geopolitics on the ideologies driving the ISIS movement, alongside Demos’ research on countering these ideas within both online and offline communities.

Representatives from both organisations will be joined by prominent Muslim leaders, counter-terror policy-makers, and social media organisations, for a lively public debate on understanding and defeating ISIS.

Date and Time
1830 – 2000, Wednesday 20 April

Central London

To RSVP or to discuss any access requirements please email [email protected] Places are strictly limited, and all guests will need to register to attend.