Twitter and Demos: data, research and information operations

Twitter and Demos are delighted to invite you to a panel discussion on the importance of data, research and information operations. Speakers will include:
  • Katy Minshall, Head of UK Public Policy, Twitter
  • Carl Miller, Research Director, Demos
  • Alexander Martin, Technology Correspondent, Sky News
  • Nahema Marchal, Researcher, Oxford Internet Institute


Key areas for discussion will include:

  • Current trends in state-backed information operations
  • The future of platform manipulation
  • The role of tech companies in making data available for researchers
  • Challenges faced – and opportunities for – the research and media community in accessing data and covering issues like information operations

In 2018, Twitter first published a comprehensive archive of tweets and media associated with known state-backed information operations. This archive of information operations (IO) has expanded to include activity originating from more than 15 countries, and is now the largest of its kind in the industry. Totalling more than 54,000 accounts, 160 million tweets, and over 8 TB of images, GIFs, videos, and Periscope broadcasts, the dataset is extensive and offers researchers unique insight into how IO unfolds on the service. For more on the datasets, visit Twitter’s public archive.


Demos’ Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) is a dedicated digital research hub, delivering unique insights and expertise across tech policy and its impact on our society, economy and democracy. CASM, in a joint venture with the University of Sussex, has pioneered the use of machine learning to interpret ‘natural language’ big data. Demos also runs the Good Web Project to empower the UK and international governments to ensure the future of the internet is compatible with liberal democracy.


You can rewatch the event below: