Trusting the Data: A People’s View of Responsible Technology

The Covid-19 pandemic has both accelerated the trend of digitalisation, and highlighted how data and technology can support public health responses to even the most serious crises. However, public opinion divides on whether this acceleration is to be welcomed or feared. This year, Demos and BT partnered to run a national conversation on these issues using the open source deliberation tool Polis. At the event, we will present the insights from our research into public attitudes to responsible technology and discuss what the implications are.

Throughout the event we ran a live interactive Polis conversation so the audience could get involved in the debate.

We discussed who decides how people’s data can be used? How do we build and deploy trustworthy technologies? And what action do we need from corporations and from government?

The event was chaired by Polly Mackenzie, CEO of Demos, with Josh Smith, Demos’ Chief Technology Officer presenting the findings from our research. The speakers were:

  • Adrian Joseph OBE, Managing Director, Group AI and Data Solutions at BT
  • Shabira Papain, Head of Equality, Health Inequalities & Digital Inclusion at NHSX
  • Dr Mahlet Zimeta, Head of Public Policy at the Open Data Institute

Watch the event here: