The Left Behinds – Social Mobility, the Next Phase

Demos is hosting a private roundtable event as the second in a series focusing on tackling social, political and economic exclusion, in particular, exploring the experience of groups for whom globalisation is not seen as a positive force, and who feel disengaged or excluded from the UK’s economic prosperity and political system.

We are delighted to be joined by Neil Carmichael MP, Chair, Education Select Committee and Baroness Tyler, Chair, APPG on Social Mobility, who will open the session.

This event will debate the barriers to social mobility in modern Britain, such as inconsistent educational standards and the erosion of many traditional and ‘middle-rung’ professions, and the role these play in entrenching generational disadvantage. Looking specifically at ‘left behind’ groups, this discussion will examine the role that reforming the UK’s education and skills systems could play in driving the next gains in social mobility – including encouraging a wider distribution of some of the soft skills, character traits and work experience that support successes in working life.

This event is by invitation only. If you would like to apply for a ticket, please contact [email protected].

This event is kindly supported by PwC.