The jobs that don’t exist yet – the future of talent

With the coming fourth industrial revolution, there is concern about jobs being disaggregated or even disappearing entirely. But, as with every previous industrial revolution, there have been new tasks, roles, and even professions to fill the gap. Technology, urbanisation, population demands, organisation complexity and human creativity have consistently created new and unexpected jobs.

Join Demos and PwC at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference as we discuss how we can prepare for jobs that don’t exist yet, highlighting the opportunities and challenges associated with an increasingly automated world and workforce.

Speakers include:

  • Neil Sherlock CBE (Chair)
  • Polly Mackenzie – Chief Executive, Demos
  • Alastair Woods – Partner, PwC
  • Siobhan Benita – Liberal Democrat Candidate for Mayor of London 2020


Date: Monday 16th September

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Venue: Bayview Suite 1, Bournemouth International Centre

Please note that this event takes place within the secure zone. You will need a conference pass to attend.