The Good Credit Index – Launch

Demos is excited to announce the launch of the Good Credit Index: a groundbreaking new project to map the UK’s credit environment.

Good credit is a hallmark of a healthy community. Yet despite the noise around high cost credit, payday loans and high street lending, there has been little attempt to understand how local credit environments determine people’s credit experiences. For the first time, the Good Credit Index will enable the identification of the UK’s credit havens – where affordable credit is in abundance – and credit deserts – where areas of high credit need overlap with low affordable credit provision.

Demos researchers will present the Index, which will make a new case for innovative, place-based financial inclusion initiatives, and mark the beginning of an ambitious programme that aims to transform credit provision throughout the UK as piloted in an on the ground program in the Sheffield City Region.

Join us for the launch of The Good Credit Index and find out how you or your organisation can get involved:

Date: Tuesday 9th July

Time: 10:30-12:30pm

Where: The Lecture Hall, Toynbee Hall,

Commercial Street, London

E1 6LS

This project has been made possible due to a grant from New Day.


Register for the event here.