Reducing the Odds – Report Launch

On 15 March 2018, Demos think tank in partnership with GambleAware launched Demos’ new report Reducing the Odds: An Education Pilot to Prevent Gambling Related Harm at a breakfast briefing in Westminster.

Demos has been piloting educational resources in secondary schools as part of wider efforts to help prevent gambling-related harm. The resources were comprised of four lessons which slotted into a planned programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)  provision for 15 year olds. They encouraged pupils to weigh risk, identify manipulative behaviour, manage impulses, help others – covering a range of ‘risky behaviours’, but with gambling as a major case study.

Simone Vibert, Demos Researcher reflected on the conversations:

‘This event showed that there are many avenues that could and should be explored when thinking about how to deal with the enormous problem of gambling related harm, with questions raised about the availability of treatment, the responsibilities of operators and advertisers, the levy and many more. Universal, preventative education is just one part of the equation, but it is an important one that we cannot continue to neglect.
Our pilot showed that this kind of education can have a demonstrable positive impact on pupils, and steps need to be taken to ensure that young people access it. This will need to be a collaborative effort by people across the sector – we need to make the case for PSHE, think about how best it is delivered, champion the case for prevention and ensure that our programmes and efforts keep apace with developments in the industry. It was wonderful to begin the conversation this morning and we look forward to working with you to make gambling education a reality for all children and young people’.

With greateful thanks to our sponsors GambleAware and speakers

  • Alex Burghart MP
  • Richard Ives, Consultant
  • Polly Mackenzie, Demos Director (Chair)
  • Dr Jane Rigbye, Director of Education, GambleAware
  • Simone Vibert, Researcher, Demos